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Now You Can Make Caramel In A Can



Of course you want to know how, because, like us, you want practical tricks for making irresistible stuff in the kitchen.

This one is easy too. The next time you crave caramel, you can save up to $5 per container with this hack from Todd’s Kitchen.

All you need is a cheap can of sweetened condensed milk, a large pot of boiling water and some time on your hands. You’ll end up later with some caramel and happy with yourself because you became a kitcen magician. Imagine kids, or guests and how much they’ll love you once they taste this. You can serve it in some decorative dishes later and add a few edible pearls or something.¬†Make a tart with it, like Todd!

Click play to see how this easily turns into culinary magic:

Are you hungry yet? We know we are. Off to the kitchen, then.

Source:Todd’s Kitchen, tiphero

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