Then And Now – Disney Channel Stars Before And After


Did you watch the Disney Channel? Did you see your first celebrity crush on Disney Channel? Many of us did.

This is a 16-minute video that will take you back to your Disney-watching days, however, it’s not one of those that keep reminding you how old you are. They get old themselves after a while.

This video shows the Disney Channel Celebrities before 2016. Their gorgeous photos from when they were younger, and today where they have blossomed into beautiful people that inspire their fans.

Still young and with a lot ahead of them, Rosie, Mack, Ravi and many others keep leaving us amazed with their style, talent and pleasant onscreen personalities.

Remember Brooke? She has this cool rock vibe in her photos now, and Josh looks like an improved heart-throb version of himself.


Source:Avant et Après


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