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Then and Now: Our Favorite Discovery Channel Stars


Starting from a very early age, life is all about learning. Learning comes in so many different forms, but it never stops throughout our lives. Learning starts in the womb, then at home, and continues at elementary school. Then, one moment you turn on the TV and realize how easy it is to watch a documentary with so much passion and thrill. That’s when you discovered the Discovery Channel. You would watch it for hours about how things come to be, and never get bored. You probably remember some of the people who were the main cast of the shows.

How it all started

Discovery channel was first aired in 1985, 17 June, to be exact. As of June 2012, it is the third most widely distributed cable channel in the United States. This channel first started as a provider of documentary programs with its focus on science, technology, and history. Nowadays, we can also watch pseudo-scientific entertainment, and also documentaries for the younger audiences.

Where is the cast now?

Would you like to know more about your favorite personalities from your childhood, when you enjoyed these shows? Here is a list for you.

1. Jesse James

Remember Motorcycle Mania? Jesse James showed us all how cool he was with this show, and then he also appeared on Monster Garage and History Of The Chopper.


Source: Hollywood Reporter


Jesse opened up his own custom firearms company named Jesse James Firearms Unlimited.


Source: Discovery

2. Les Stroud

Survivorman was a great obsession for many people. Les made that possible with providing the tips you need to survive.


Source: Speakers


His show is still on weekly on Discovery channel!


Source: Enstars

3. Paul Teutul Jr.

Do you remember American Chopper?


Source: IMDb


Paul is still working on bikes but now for his own company, Paul Jr. Designs.


Source: Instagram | @whereispauljr

4. Ben Bailey

Cash Cab was probably the dream of many people who watched this show.


Source: Auto Evolution


The Cash Cab guy is the comedian Ben Bailey. He now performs stand-up comedy.


Source: Comedy Of Chicago

5. Scottie Chapman

I know what you’re thinking now. You probably learned a lot more watching MythBusters than you did in high school.




The show’s designated metal worker gave up her profession after 18 years in the industry. The reason was because she went back to school to become a dental hygienist.


Source: Dentistry IQ

6. Christopher Lowell

He was a lead in many shows on Discovery Channel in the late ’90s including Interior Motives, The Christopher Lowell Show, and of course, It’s Christopher Lowell.


Source: Discovery


Lowell has focused on running his own agency, Christopher Lowell & Associates.


Source: Discovery

7. Mike Rowe

Do you remember this handsome man getting dirty and giving witty remarks?




After the show Dirty Jobs, Mike was in a similar program titled Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Then he created his very own organization that gives scholarships to students who pursue a career in skilled trades. It’s called the mikeroweWORKS Foundation.


Source: Contracting Business

8. Paul Teutul Sr.

We will see now what Paul Jr. ‘s dad has been up to.


Source: Celebrity Net Worth


After American Chopper, Paul created a new show with his son Mikey called Orange County Choppers. In his free time, Paul still rides as much as possible.



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