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Gorgeously Wearable Nude and Sparkly Gel Nails

Nude Hard Gel Nails

If you would like to try something new with your nails, but they still have an everyday look, this video is the right choice for you. A nude color is always in for every-day use and you can always spice it up with something sparkly. The tutorial shows you a great gel nail combination with which you will get hard gel nails easily and quickly.

Luciana McGee is a licensed professional gel tech working in Las Vegas. She says that she loves helping others with getting their nails they always wanted them.

You’ll need:

Nail harmonies ph bond

Young nails protein bond (two coats on each nail)

1. She puts the forms on, the ph bond, and two coats of the protein bond as well

Nude Hard Gel Nails 1

2. Then, she uses a glass dampen dish and starts shaping the nails. Then a thin layer of clear base gel.

Nude Hard Gel Nails 2

3. Now she gets to the point of pinching the nails with a clamp, which is very important for the procedure. After the pinching, the nail goes under a lamp for about 40 seconds. Then, it gets another pinching procedure. Pinching is important to ensure the gel keeps its shape.

Nude Hard Gel Nails 3

4. After all the pinching, she continues by adding the nude gel.

Nude Hard Gel Nails 4

5. Here comes the second layer of nude gel.

Nude Hard Gel Nails 5

6. After that, the nail goes under the lamp again and she pinches it one more time. She pinches the nail another time after spraying alcohol. She does this with the help of a little pad.

Nude Hard Gel Nails 6

7. Clear gel is added on the top of each nail.

Nude Hard Gel Nails 7

8. She adds a sparkly effect on some nails using a diamond gel.

Nude Hard Gel Nails 8

And here is the final result. Totally wearable for any day of the week!

Nude Hard Gel Nails 9

You can watch the whole video here:

Source:Luciana McGee

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