Nurse Sneaks Into Patient’s Room And Camera Captures Her Kindness

Nurse Sneaks Into Patient’s Room And Camera Captures Her Kindness


It often feels like the news collects all the terrible things from around the world and shoves it in your face. But this story about a kind nurse surprised everyone.


It’s heartwarming to read about kind people and their good deeds – and we need more of that. We should be giving these people the attention and coverage they deserve.

Here is one such story, which Jeremiah Nichol was happy to share with everyone on YouTube. Her grandma lay dying, and she knew she didn’t have much time left. As is the case in such situations, the granny was staying in the hospital and needed help with everything.

Nurses are amazing people who help with far more than just the basic needs of their patients. Take Isabelle for example – she’s the kind of nurse who takes special care of people, and Jeremiah wants to make sure the whole world knows about it.


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When she found out that Jeremiah’s grandma, Helen, didn’t have long left to live, the sweet nurse snuck into her room and did something absolutely amazing. Everyone’s blessed with their own talent, and the talent of Isabelle is having the voice of an angel.

She held Helen’s hand and asked if she could sing for her. And Isabelle didn’t want anyone to know – the whole thing would’ve remained a secret if Helen’s family wasn’t around to record it. Luckily, Helen’s family will never forget this special moment, and neither will we.

Doctors are often hailed as heroes when they save lives in the operating room, but nurses take care of people on a whole other level. It was actually Isabelle’s day off, but she still came in to sing to Helen. Can you say ‘heart of gold’?

As the saying goes, everyone is fighting a hard battle – so please, be kind.

Here are Isabelle and Helen, and the video where you can hear her beautiful voice:

Source: Jeremiah Nichol
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