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Employee In Nursing Home Snaps Resident’s Painted Nails And It Goes Viral


It gets tough and sad when you have to send your loved ones to a nursing home. Whether it’s because of an illness, or because of your personal reasons, you want them to be taken care of in the best way, and some people are doing just that.

While one granddaughter gave her grandma a complete makeover at the nursing home, this lady, who works in a nursing home, offers another type of support. Brandalyn works for a Texas nursing home and is indeed a positive and inspiring person. One day at work, she was painting the fingernails of a resident, and took a picture of her. Since then, the picture has gone viral because of the strong message she sent.

One day, the employee asked a woman what color she prefers for her fingernails to be painted. The woman’s answer was shocking. The elderly woman said she wanted a clear polish because her hands “were far too ugly for her to intentionally call attention to them”.  Brandalyn just felt that this was not the case and offered another color.

She convinced her to try a pink nail polish instead. It was successful and then she took photos and shared them online.


Once the photos were posted on Love What Matters, they went viral almost immediately. Can you imagine Brandalyn sitting with the woman and explaining to her about the popularity of her picture?

It’s not uncommon to see people disrespecting elderly people, so it is wonderful that there are people like this young woman who has the proper set of priorities. She was clearly raised the right away and her family members should be very proud of the woman she’s become.


This story should serve as a reminder that we do not need to wait until people are gone to tell them they are special.


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