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“O” Magazine Featured Eye-Opening Photos About Racism And The Reactions Vary


The May 2017 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine features a series of photos by Chris Buck that opens serious questions about racial stereotypes for a story called “Let’s Talk About Race”. After the release of this issue of the magazine founded by Oprah herself and the Hearst Corporation, people certainly started talking about race issues, and their opinions varied too. All of the photos are thought-provoking, coming from every-day experiences where the race roles are switched, which is not common in real life. As usual, and since April, 2000 when the first issue of the magazine appeared, Oprah manages to influence a whole nation to discuss some of the most important issues of society.

One image shows a little girl facing down a wall of dolls that don’t look like her. She’s white, whereas all the dolls are black. Of course, we can’t see her emotional state, but it makes you think, especially if you’re Caucasian.


Source: Twitter | @TalalNAnsari | Chris Buck | O, The Oprah Magazine

Another photo features a white maid serving a Latina employer. The employer and even her dog are totally ignoring the maid. And you know, it’s never like this on TV.


Source: Twitter | @TalalNAnsari | Chris Buck | O, The Oprah Magazine

The next photo shows a group of Asian woman having a pedicure and a good laugh, too by white employees at a nail salon. And we don’t see this very often, do we?


Source: Twitter | @TalalNAnsari | Chris Buck | O, The Oprah Magazine

The photographer Chris claims it wasn’t an easy job, but it was of crucial importance for him.

“As a photographer in the U.S., for me to not be engaged in these issues would be a blind spot,” he told Mic. “It’s important for me to be involved in stories like this, and help them become more nuanced and interesting. This is my job.”


Source: Facebook | O, The Oprah Magazine

Obviously, Twitter went crazy after seeing his photos, so he did a pretty good job. Many appreciated his artistry.

Some agreed that photos provoked a great discussion.


Source: Twitter | @manjusrii

Some people just got their blood pressure up. Which is understanding, up to a point.


Source: Twitter | @PatrickAnna

Some are claiming reverse racism on these photos. It is a touchy subject, we must admit.


Source: Twitter | @jaeralde

“I do think it’s important for people to express how they feel about these images,” Chris told Elite Daily. “Some people are more upset by the photos and that’s fine. I get that it’s uncomfortable for people of color and for white folks. And that’s fine but the conversation still needs to happen.”

But, still, some people really started thinking about these race issues outside their comfort zones and showed empathy.


Source: Twitter | @lezdykawits

It’s always good to initiate discussions like there, although it’s a touchy subject for many.


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