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The Octopus Bun Is The New Summer Trend


It is just another day and another hair trend. But don’t worry because it’s not unicorn-related so you don’t need to glue jewels to your hair. Now the internet has moved on and it’s embracing the octopus bun. The question is:” Can you really have a different take on a regular bun?” The answer is “YES.” The internet and Instagram can turn anything into a trend.

This particular trend though, you will want to get on boardwith  because it’s for us, the lazy girls. The best part is that the hairstyle is so easy, simple and won’t take long at all. And guess what? You will only need a hair tie.

Who here is lazy and isn’t afraid to admit it?


So, let’s get started to the octopus bun.

Grab a hair tie to try out this new look. It’s okay if it’s your last remaining hair tie, you’ll find a way!


Source: Instagram | @carlacasanovas

Basically, it is a kind of a messy bun and you probably have done this version because you were lazy to fix it.


Source: Instagram | @imafashionlovershop

And all you need to do is put your hair in a bun and make sure that some strands are left at the end of the elastic.


Source: Instagram | @kellylouisekilljoy

You can also add texture to the end and try to make them around the same length. Distribute them all around the bun and give it the octopus look!


Source: Instagram | @grazia_si

What do you guys think about the trend? Easy, peasy? Are you willing to try it this summer?


Source: Instagram | @swishyharlow

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