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How Fast Can You Find The Odd Ones In These Tricky Puzzles?


Some puzzles are just too hard to solve. A lot of them aren’t that hard, but rather a bit confusing and tricky. Nonetheless, it’s cool to challenge your brain sometimes and deal with a problem for more than 30 seconds. Test yourself with this game and tell us how much do you trust your vision skills. In the images down below, try to find the odd one. If your eyes are fast enough to get to the end, then it would seem like your vision is quite good.

Note: Even though the game starts very easy, it gets more difficult as you progress. Make sure to leave a comment after you finish, to let us know how you did. Enjoy!

1. How fast can you really find the odd one in this picture?

odd 1

2. What’s really wrong?

odd 2

3. Searching…

odd 3

4. Now it gets tricky.

odd 4

Most people cannot manage to get even 5 answers correct in this impossible quiz! Can you do better? How fast can you do? Prove you are a puzzle master and pass this whole test without making a single mistake! This could be tougher than you expected but we bet you can do this! Give it a go!

5. Most people can’t get even 5 answers correct.

odd 5

6. Show us if you can do better.

odd 6

7. How fast can you go?

odd 7

8. Is it tougher than you thought?

odd 8

9. Prove to us that you’re a puzzle master and don’t make any mistake.

odd 9

10. The end.

odd 10

How did you do? Were you able to find all the answers? If you got 100% correct than you nailed this tricky test. You have an amazing attention to details and nothing goes past you unnoticed. Share this with your friends and family to see if they can pass the puzzle.


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