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Oddly Satisfying Pictures To Make Your Chaotic Day Better


Do you remember that feeling when you organized your notebooks so neatly in primary school? Or when you made smart piles just for fun? These were situations where you just felt satisfied. Sometimes life brought you to situations where everything seemed to fall into place. Nowadays you miss those childhood moments, but every once in a while, you get the same feeling. These pictures below show that feeling.

Imagine when you are thinking about someone and they call you at the same time. Is there something more soothing than this? Also, there might be a situation like this. You see the number 23 on your way to work, then you get on bus number 23. Then, you arrive at work, and your colleague gives you 23 pages to review. In this way, you get this feeling of destiny and order in the world chaos. You start thinking that everything in the Universe is connected, that someone has a plan for you. This philosophy stops after a while, but then after a while, you get the same feeling again. Numbers start to show, pictures appear, and you are once more satisfied.

Here is a collection of some photos that will soothe you.

1. Perfect timing



2. Alignment



3. Tumbling hedges



4. Tic Tac Tip Top


The Tic Tac adventure just got fun!


5. A Cascading Rainbow


Maybe they are having a bottle climbing contest. Anyhow, they motivate you to go up the stairs, don’t they?


6.The textbook fried egg


How many times did you wish for this kind of an egg?


7. A perfect fit


Finally, there is nothing better than fitting your vacuum in your kitchen corner! You must love cleaning your house now!


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