It’s Official: The Hottest Short Haircuts For 2018 According To Stylist

Maybe you want to change your look dramatically or maybe you are tired of taking care of your long hair and want something easier to style. Short cuts are all the fuzz in 2018 – especially in Hollywood. Going shorter might be intimidating but it can change your whole look and highlights your features and bone structure.

So why not? If you are interested in cutting your hair short, Birdie talked to the best stylists so you can know which hairstyles are popular in 2018 along with photos of celebrities rocking the hairstyles for you to screenshot for your stylist.

1. The fresh shag


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According to celebrity hairstylist Cervando Maldonado, the 80’s are coming back in style and Debbie Harry’s iconic androgynous bob is the perfect hairstyle for a drastic change.

2. Playful fringe


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Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan who has worked with the likes of Ashley Graham and Olivia Culpo is all about pairing bangs with bobs which is a very adaptable hairstyle.

“For every kind of haircut, there will always be different variations depending on your hair type and face shape. If you are opting for fringe, I suggest blow-drying it forward right out of the shower to avoid any cowlicks in the front.”

“To finish, I recommend using the Ghd Air Professional Performance Hairdryer ($199) and the R+Co Round Brush ($85) to direct the hair toward the face, and then finish with the cool setting on the dryer,” says Marjan.

3. The lush lob


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For a round face shape, a flattering hairstyle would be a longer variation of a blunt cut just like Kim Kardashian has been wearing lately.

“For super-blunt cuts, I recommend accentuating the tips of your strands by running a flat iron just over the ends for a polished and refined finish,” Marjan explains.

4. The close crop


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According to Nick Stenson, short cropped textured styles (à la Maria Borges) are coming back to style and are the perfect choice for anyone who is feeling courageous and bold.

5. ’70s-Inspired lob


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All the stylist agree that shoulder length hair with shiny, straight, and little movement at the ends is going to be the biggest trend in 2018.

Maldonado also agrees on the trend: “I feel since we are seeing so many super-blunt bobs and lobs that are strictly one length, one of the trends this year will be to incorporate face-framing bangs and maybe a subtle hint of layers around the front. This will lend a fresher take for 2018.”

6. Chin-length bob


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According to Marjan chin-grazing bobs will be everywhere. Her expert styling suggestion: Reach for a flat iron like Ghd’s Platinum Professional Performance Styler, $249, to enhance strands with imperfect waves, and try taking your part a tad off-center.

7. The grown-out crop


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This is the recommended hairstyle for keeping your natural texture and curls but it’s still a close crop with a lot of volume.

Source: byrdie