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Oily Skin Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner


In case you didn’t know her, Stephanie Lange is this amazing Youtuber we’d love to hang out with. Her videos are super-cool and incredibly helpful, so in case you haven’t seen any of them before, click here to find lipstick hacks and here to stop your foundation from separating. She shared those tricks with the world, and now she’s here again to tell us how to deal with oily skin!

And boy, can oily skin be a drag and a mess. It won’t let makeup act properly, and it creates all kinds of problems, from blackheards, to acne. You’ve probably tried everything, right?

Maybe not.

Stephanie has some tricks up her sleeve for you. Since she has to put up with oily skin herself, she shared this video on her channel, so that we can all relax and get flawless skin. Play away and say good bye to that unwanted shine!

Source:Stephanie Lange

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