Make Up Trends That Went From Awkward To Cool

Makeup Trends That Went From Awkward To Cool


It is no news that makeup trends change with each season. But this doesn’t signify that they will be gone forever. They are just like fashion trends!

Do you remember the makeup trends from the ’70s and ’80s that made us laugh? Well, guess what? Today we just can’t get enough of them!

Starting with body glitter, blue eyelids and black lipstick, these trends are back baby! And they are cooler than ever!

Scroll down and prepare to get inspired!

1. Frosted Lipstick

#PopCultureMakeUp Pink & glossy frosted lips on #MandyMoore. Kinda have a feeling these will make a comeback um

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Blame it on Britney Spears! The ’90s were the decade of frosted lips! Everyone, from teenage girls to adults were rocking this trend. It took over as fast as fire, and it didn’t matter if it actually matched your outfit or not. However, when the 2000s came, everyone ditched this trend as fast as it came. The frosted lips were quickly dethroned but this didn’t mean that they wouldn’t come back again.

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And just when you thought you’ve seen the last of them – boom! The trend is back and frosted lips are better than ever. So, we’ve decided to give them a second chance. And plus, they have gotten a little makeover since we last saw them.

Now, you can get a frosted lip with a subtle soft color which is perfect for almost every occasion, and this time, we bet the trend will stick around a little bit longer.

2. Colored Mascara


Everyone was obsessed with this trend back in the ’80s. Just flip some pages from any magazine! The models’ eyelashes were colored with pigments of pink, blue and purple. People just loved it. And if you were brave enough, you probably colored the bottom and top lashes in a different color. So funky! However, the funk didn’t last for long.

Channel is the brand that should be blamed for the comeback of this trend. They released their own line of fun colorful mascaras. However, it’s always good to have an option, rather than classic black and brown lashes.

3. Glitter all over the body

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Oh yes, there was once a time when glitter was everywhere, and we literally mean EVERYWHERE! As much as it is time-consuming to take it off, models nowadays seem to start rocking it again. Just take it from Gigi Hadid, who has been seen with body-glitter many times. And if Hadid approves – we all approve.

4. Skinny Brows

#tbt to that time I over tweezed my brows. 🙊 #justchillinginmysheets #fashionisfunny #skinnybrows

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Not everyone is blessed with thick brows. Yes, Cara Delevigne and Lilly Collins are, but don’t freak out after hearing this.

Thin brows were the hottest trend back in the days. Celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Gwen Stefani were the goddesses of this trend and the rest of the world followed. However, this trend soon faded as something called “Instagram brows” appeared and everyone went nuts about it! These brows are full and thick and strong, and they are much easier to handle.

And even though the insta-brow game is strong, the thin eyebrows are sneaking back and making their comeback.

5. Face Decals

🌟 Ziggy Stardust 🌟

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As much as Gwen Stefani was a fan of skinny eyebrows, we must mention that she was a huge fan of face art. Wearing bedazzling jewels and vibrant bindis was a part of her style on stage. Many people followed the trend afterwards.

This trend started to fade off soon, but we are so glad it’s making its comeback now! Today you can see hundreds of people wearing face decals at concerts and various festivals, and it really looks like a work of art!

6. Pastel eye shadow

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Now we really can’t understand why this trend died out. Pastels are so gorgeous and look great on every skin tone. We are so grateful and happy that the fashion world is slowly coming to senses again and lets pastel eye shadow back in the game.

We should thank Marc Jacobs for debuting this trend again on the runway after so many years. And let’s just pray that it won’t disappear on us again.

7. Hot pink lips


Oh yes, there was a time when they used to say ‘the bolder the lip, the better’. And who wore it better than Madonna? Soon after she rocked this trend, everyone followed. She was seen wearing this trend literally everywhere- at the stage, outside the stage.

And we weren’t even aware of how fast it happened that these hot-pink lipsticks and lip glosses were put in a drawer and stayed forgotten since then.

Thank God this trend is making its comeback, as we see celebrities rocking it on the red carped, usually with a neutral shade of eye shadow and just a hint of blush on the cheeks.

DRAPING 👌🏼✔️ 💖 Get on board! If you haven’t – do yourself a favour👏🏼 . MUA by me✌🏼️ #leshayelynettemakeupartistry

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8. Draping

This trend is similar to contouring, but instead of using a contour powder or bronzer, you use a blush. Draping gives a much more healthy and flushed look to the skin. This technique was brought to life again by Marc Jacobs and his line of blushes called Air Blush Soft Glow Duos. It contains five different shades of powders which give a gorgeous blended look when mixed.

Make sure you blend in carefully so it doesn’t look too harsh.

9. Blue eye shadow

Laugh as much as you want, this trend is coming back! Even though it received a slight makeover, if done right, blue eye shadow can be the best thing that ever happened to you. Instead of a pale blue like back in the days, today make up artists opt for more of an electric and teal blue. You know what they say- ‘Less is more’!

10. Black Lipstick


Some say you can never go wrong with black. Does that really refer to makeup? Black lipstick has been around for decades, but not everyone has had the courage to wear it. Even though this trend faded away for some time, it seems that it is making its comeback these days. However, note that it might be too extreme if you decide to wear it at the office or at school.

You should thank Kendall Jenner and the designer Christian Dior for the return of this bold trend.


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