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Old White Van After Transformed Into A Dream Home


Have you ever imagined quitting your job, selling everything you own and calling the whole world your home?

Every day, we read more and more stories about people not wanting to settle down in one place, adventurous couples who travel from place to place, working seasonal jobs or freelancing.

This is the story of 30-year-old Adam, and 33-year-old Nikki, who decided that they no longer want to live the ordinary life, along with the everyday struggles regarding work, rent and bills. They realized that by the end of the month, everything they earned was to cover basic expenses, and they couldn’t afford any significant pleasures.

They came up with a really interesting idea – to convert an old van into their dream home.

van 2

“We bought the Ford Transit Luton van on eBay for $3,500 and then we spent a year converting it into a home,” says Adam. Spending another $6,500 on restoration, their new lovely home is now a solar-powered home machine with a shower and is definitely ready for the road. Of course, they quit their nine-to-five jobs, spent some time living with their parents to save money and embarked upon the traveling lifestyle.

van 1

Saving all possible expenses, the couple did all the building even though they didn’t have any experience.

“We built the kitchen, put in a bathroom with a toilet and a shower, build the bedroom area, storage.” It was the first time Nikki had even picked up a drill.

Wow, I guess if you want to accomplish something, nothing can stop you. That’s how they learned everything watching instructional YouTube videos and figuring it out on their own. He assumed maybe they could have done things cheaper, but it was all part of the learning process.

Adam and Nikki are now planning to travel around Europe — looking for a new way of life, as the “normal” lifestyle would not be happening again, as they like it. They both want to travel a lot, and this is a great way to save on accommodation. After a couple of months traveling for holiday, they intend to find jobs. You can find out more about them and follow their trip on their website and blog.

Watch the video below to see what Adam and Nikki’s van-turned-house looks like. Can you see yourself living in the van? Let us know what you think about this kind of lifestyle!

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