Now And Then: 11 Older Celebs That Used To Be Hotties In Their Youth

Now And Then: 11 Older Celebs That Used To Be Hotties In Their Youth

now and then

“Will you still love me when I’m old and grey?” or as the Beatles would say, “Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m sixty-four?”

Life is transitory, we all get born to die. Preferably, in a pleasant, painless way at a very old age. But beauty is like life – squared – it is twice more transient, and it often leaves the stage as soon as youth departs.

I guess that’s why the wisest people (who are usually older) always say that one should fall in love with the character of a person, and not their looks. Looks will pass, and what you’ll get stuck with is someone’s personality. (if you make the nowadays unpopular decision to marry someone, that is.) I tend to agree, and yet, no one is immune to beauty, attractiveness, handsomeness, in general, just someone’s good looks.

Humans are programmed to appreciate aesthetics, in part by nature, and in part by society. And nature and nurture join forces and the end result is our reality. Well, speaking of reality, here are a dozen very real people who were really pretty and handsome in their young age, courtesy of CollegeHumor. Of course, the older members of the audience probably remember them, but the younger ones have no clue!

So, sit down, youngsters, and let’s take a look at this photo album of Now vs Then. And gather your parents, and their parents, to appreciate the timelessness of beauty!

1. Joe Biden

now and then1
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2. Ozzy Osbourne

now and then2
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3. Judi Dench

now and then3
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4. Jack Nicholson

now and then4

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5. Michael Douglas

now and then5

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6. Tommy Lee Jones

now and then6

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7. Maggie Smith

now and then7

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8. Dean Norris

now and then8

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9. Angela Lansbury

now and then9

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10. John McCain

now and then10

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11. Sigourney Weaver

now and then11

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So, the moment of truth – which retro hottie is your favorite? Mine is definitely Sigourney!

Source: collegehumor

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