Meet Oliver And Isaac, Twins Who Are In Fact Two Years Apart

Meet Oliver And Isaac, Twins Who Are In Fact Two Years Apart

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Rachel and Richard Best are the parents of twins Oliver and Isaac, who are in fact two years apart. Their brave parents couldn’t have children for four years when trying to conceive naturally. They’ve suffered three miscarriages and six failed fertility treatments. Next, they decided to follow another path. IVF. Rachel underwent seven cycles and finally managed to conceive. Her first son is named Oliver.

He was born at Leicester Royal Infirmary weighing 7lbs 6oz, on March 22, 2014. However, what’s more, unbelievable and peculiar in a very endearing way is that Oliver had a twin brother as a result of the IVF. The couple had a batch of embryos from which Oliver was conceived, but they decided to freeze the rest for some time in the future. “We always knew we would do it again with those embryos,” Rachael said for the Mirror.
“We wanted to go with those ones rather than go through a fresh cycle, it was just a question of finding the right time.”
Two years later, in 2016, it was time for Oliver to get a brother. Rachel and Richard went once again with one of the embryos that was frozen and Isaac was conceived. What’s amazing is that Isaac was due on Oliver’s birthday, just two years later. However, he came five days earlier.

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He was brought to this world via water birth. Isaac weighed 8lb 9oz. Stay-at-home-mom Rachael, 35, said: “The first time they put Isaac into my arms brought tears to my eyes, it was amazing.”

“I thought I would never experience the feeling I had with Oliver again but it matched it – it was so special.” Regarding her husband’s joy, she said: “Seeing the look on my husband’s face was amazing too as he never thought it would happen.”
And the boys hit it off quite well as soon as they met! Oliver really became close with Isaac. “He’s brilliant and if Isaac cries Oliver runs over to comfort him,” said Rachel.
Jane Blower, a consultant Embryologist for Leicester Fertility Centre, said: “We are delighted to hear Rachael and Richard’s good news and would like to congratulate them on the safe arrival of Isaac.”
This is an extraordinary happenstance and we wish the twins a lot of happiness in their lives together!


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