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Ombre Flowers And Swarovski Acrylics

Ombre Acrylic Nails

Some girls don’t like uniformity when it comes to their nails – they like to mix it up with different designs that accompany one another harmoniously. If you are one of them, you will find plenty of such tutorials at Tracy Nailz. Like this ombre nails tutorial, for example.

Tracy combines an ombre-flowery design with mixed bling acrylic nails.

Ombre nails

The term ombre originally only applied to hair. It repesented a hair-coloring trend where the coloring becomes lighter or brighter further from the roots. It has since aquired a wider meaning, and might apply to any design where the color or the pattern changes gradiently from top to bottom.

ombre nails 2

In the video, Tracy also demonstrates how to paint a perfect acrylic nail and why taking your time when doing it is always worth it. Last but not least, you will find out how you can easily decorate your nails with Swarovskis or a similar product of your choosing.

Source:Tracy Nailz

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