A Day Later, This Room Looks Nothing Like Before

A Day Later, This Room Looks Nothing Like Before


Dealing with problems is a not on everyone’s to-do list. Sometimes, we just like to sweep up all the problems under the rug. Or in some cases, over the rug. And all around the room. At least that is what Christina kept doing.

room 1During college, she had a system, “I had my school stuff and my home stuff”, she said, and once she moved back, everything just collided. Things just piled up one on top of each other, to the point she had to sleep on the floor of her brothers room.

room 2

Well, her mother had enough, and decided it was time for a serious decluttering of her home. And who better to help her clear up her room, and life, than Peter Walsh, the Clutter Organizer. His first advice, respect the limits of the room! According to him, we should all use the rule of five. “Every five years, you need to completely reassess everything that you own, and get rid of things that you don’t need, use or want.” he says.

room 3

Soon enough, the bags for charity start filling up, and the emotions start bubbling over. “The stuff you won has the power to evoke these powerful memories”, according to Peter, and it’s disrespectful to have the important stuff buried under all the clutter.

With the help of some volunteers, he begins to change the room that is completely out of control. According to him. “it is important to use vertical space in organizing rooms to get stuff off the floor”.

room 4

By the time of the final reveal, the room looks completely and utterly different. “It’s simple”, Walsh said, “we removed all the clutter and excess stuff, and we highlighted the stuff that say Christina”. What was the most surprising thing for Christina and her mom? They can finally see the bed.

Now if only Peter would come over and help me deal with my house!


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