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There Is One Thing Kate Middleton Never Wears And You’ll Never Guess What

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In case you’ve been on another planet, you would have heard about Duchess of Cambridge’s third pregnancy. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge officially announced the upcoming arrival of their third child on September 4, 2017, and the world got beyond excited for the news. After the news, the 35-year-old royal made her first public appearance in the beginning of October as she suffers from severe morning sickness. All we can say about that is that she looks gorgeous! While we are eagerly waiting for the baby to arrive in April, here is another interesting fact about Kate.

You have seen her wear all kinds of stunning outfits, but there is one thing she never wears. Can you guess what it is?


Since she started dating Prince William, throughout her engagement and now her marriage, she’s been photographed wearing amazingly classy outfits. Here is one of them below.


And how about this one?


But, we bet you never noticed one simple thing she never wears.


Have you ever noticed that Kate Middleton never ever wears colored nail polish?


Weird, right? Well, not that much, after all. Maybe it’s not her thing. And it’s not even a recent fact. She has never liked it, actually.


Sadly, this is one of the sacrifices she had to make to become a princess. Or Duchess. You get my point.

It was recently revealed that colored nail polish and fake nails are not a part of royal etiquette. And Kate has followed the rules so far.

Even the next potential British princess, Prince Harry’s American girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle, stopped wearing nail polish for her first official public outing with her prince.


As a matter of fact, nail polish is considered “vulgar” by royal etiquette, so the royal family doesn’t wear it. At least not the colored one. The queen, on the other hand, is a fan of nail polish.


That’s right, Queen Elizabeth II likes to keep her nails painted. Apparently, she has been wearing the same shade of nail polish for over 30 years. Wow! However, her favorite color is light pink, and comes at just a £7.99 per bottle, for Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers’ shade.


This is not the only thing Kate will never wear or do. Kate can stop for many selfies people want, but she can never sign an autograph. This is, of course, for security purposes and it’s an important royal protocol.

Along with the rest of the Royal family, Kate is not allowed to put her signature on things, because of the risk of forgery.


No matter what, we will always be fans of the Royal family, right?

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