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YouTuber Does The Right Thing By Encouraging People Who Think They’re Ugly


Not everyone is born naturally beautiful. Most people are born with imperfections, which is a totally normal thing if you ask me.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are mocked, made fun of, and even hated for not being born beautiful. That’s just not right.

Beauty is a socially built construct and what’s beautiful to one person, may not even come close to the next person. When someone is not considered pretty, that’s just bad luck, and everyone can strike bad luck at some point in their lives. What you should do instead of making fun of their ugliness, is to encourage them, and be their friend. You’ll boost their confidence, and the possible incredibly nice person hiding inside them will have the confidence to show themselves.

As I like to say, never call someone ugly, because one day they might become your best friend. I mean, damn, my best friends have never had girlfriends, and not only are they not ugly, but they’re as happy and as humorous as can be. Onision seems to understand this concept perfectly.

He has made this video showing some pictures from his fans that they refer to as “ugly”. Rather than agreeing with his fans and moving on, he encourages them positively. One of his fans points out that she has pimples on her face, and Onision responds with “What pimples?”

It’s important to encourage the people who we know who aren’t exactly pretty, and be friends with them, because one day, we will be grateful that we have them in our lives.

Check out the vid below:


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