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You Won’t Believe These Optical Illusion Makeup Looks Aren’t Real


The amazing makeup artist Mimi Choi creates some of the most special and mesmerizing makeup looks. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that they are not real. She is definitely the queen of optical illusion, I mean, a few of them will really trip you out. Keep scrolling to see her awesome makeup looks. Enjoy!

1. She dislocated half of her face.



Source: Instagram | @mimles

2. Wait, where did she go?

Can you see how the flowers she drew make everything so realistic?


Source: Instagram | @mimles

4. This one makes it very hard to look at.

Probably because this cracked face looks totally CGI and out of a horror movie, yet it isn’t.


Source: Instagram | @mimles

5. Isn’t this one so creepy?

Although, if you know and love the works of Salvador Dali, you know exactly what’s happening here. Fav.


Source: Instagram | @mimles

6. I seriously can’t believe how beautifully she drew these eyes on.

I can’t even notice which eye is real here. I mean, yeah, if you understand basic anatomy, but it’s confusing.


Source: Instagram | @mimles

7. When you look at her, look her in the eyes.

Best spider Halloween costume ever.


Did you guys like these? What do you think, could you challenge her? It would be so much fun to go out in public like this, people would be so confused. Share your comments with us and share this post with your loved ones.

Source: Instagram | @mimles

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