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Dascha Polanco’s Daughter Appeared On ‘Orange Is the New Black’ And Shocks Everyone


Fans of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black have been waiting patiently for the fifth season of their favorite show, and they were rewarded for their perseverance not only with the well-known humor and drama which won the series three Emmys, but with a surprise appearance by one of the cast members’ much younger spitting image.


It is in the eight episode of the latest season that the show once again proves why it became Netflix’s most-watched original programming. Titled “Tied to the Tracks”, the episode flashes back to show the 14-year-old Dayanara “Daya” Diaz, whose grown-up self is played by Dominican-American actress Dascha Polanco. This installment focuses on Daya’s past, giving viewers an in-depth look at the relationship between Daya and her mother Aleida. What fans couldn’t fathom, though, is how teenage Daya looked so much like her older self they usually see?


In the episode, Daya lands in hot water after following some bad advice from her mother to make a move on someone a friend of her likes. While the acting was universally praised, a dilemma arose on the method used to achieve such stunning resemblance: some believed it was Dascha Polanco herself, her youthful looks achieved with the assistance of CGI, while others praised the casting agents’ success in finding a young actress so similar to Daya.



The discussion was raging on the #OITNB hashtag and it wasn’t long before the truth surfaced


It soon transpired that Daya’s teenage incarnation was played by her real-life daughter, 15-year-old Dasany Kristal Gonzalez!


After the discovery, online boffins took to one of the most popular virtual activities lately, comparing the similarities between famous parents and their children


Polanco, 34, gave birth to Dasany Kristal when she was only 18 years old. She spoke about the experience of becoming a mother at such a tender age in an interview with Latina magazine.

“She’s a blessing, a miracle baby,” she the publication in 2015.

The Dominican-born actress who also has a son, Aryam, 7, from a different father, said although there’s nothing wrong with giving birth young, she wouldn’t encourage others to do it is not as easy as it might seem.”Nothing wrong with it, it just makes it a little bit more challenging.”


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