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This Orca Was Stuck Crying For It’s Life, But Wait Till You See What Happens Next


We know a thousand myths and legends about killer whales. They’re also known as Orcas, they’re mammals and the largest member of the dolphin family. Extremely adaptable and intelligent, they communicate and coordinate with each other to hunt more effectively.

Every day, orcas hunt for seals, sea lions and squid. While they have the scary name ‘killer whales’, they aren’t typically a threat to humans. They are even known to have protected humans from sharks.

Recently off the coast of British Columbia, an orca got stranded on a series of rocks. A group of animal rescuers came to help and saved the orca from exposure.

This female orca was spotted by a man who simply knew that he had to help. He called the animal rescue group Guardians from Hartley Bay. A few people from For Whales also came to help as well.

Every one was there as a volunteer, and by the time she was spotted, she had already been there for hours.



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