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The Most Epic (And Not So Epic) Oreo Flavors Of All Time

Oreo Flavors

Oreos started with one flavor. Then over the years it went into epic mode and made those heavenly tastes that you ocassioanly crave. If only we could learn to live with the fact that some of them are limited edition. And then again, it’s better that some other are limited edition.

Peanut Butter Oreos

peanut butter oreos

It’s like it took a million years for them to think of this, while it seemed like the obvious solution, you guys! Regular is still great, but for those of us in love with the peanut butter flavor… Aaah, the heaven.

Filled Cupcake Oreos

Still not a cupcake, Oreo people. Nothing more than a little dot of vanilla cream in the center and some chocolate cream. But it’s a good cookie. Still epic.

Filled cupcake oreo

Oreo Thins

oreo thins

There are two types of people in this world: The ones who go for the middle and the ones who go for the crust. Oreo thins are for those of us who don’t like the Double Stuff, so we have dark chocolate satisfaction and just a little bit sweet. Besides, who doesn’t like the option of sticking 15 of them in their mouth?

S’mores Oreos

S’mores Oreos

When I saw this was a thing, I started hyperventilating. Turns out, it didn’t quite live up to the expectations. No hyperventilating needed here, but what do you think?

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