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How Our Favorite Fruits Used to Look Like


Genetically modified foods (GMO) are one of the biggest topics of our time. Today, we shall not go into detail about the political or economic aspects of GMO, but simply point out the fact that a certain amount of modification has shaped edible fruits and vegetables for thousands of years through selective breeding of crops with promising traits.

The industrial revolution gave us the tools and knowledge to immensely fast forward this process and the XX century saw huge advancements in agricultural biotechnology and crossbreeding.

So brace yourselves for the shock of how different some of your favorite fruits and vegetables used to look like.



Source: Wikimedia commons


Source: Michael Coté

In the 17th-century painting by Giovanni Stanchi, the watermelon looks really different to the ones we’re eating today. Not a lot to munch on, really.



Source: Genetic Literacy Project


Source: Ali Mir

Unrecognizable, isn’t it? Still, it’s those large seeds that made today’s hybrid banana possible.

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