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The Outfit That Can Get You Kicked Out Of A Gym


A gym is a place where you have to feel comfortable and work on your physical appearance and health. However, a gym can make its own rules and those rules may extend to outfits too.

A Canadian woman, had signed up in her local gym Movati Athletic Club in Orleans, Ontario, but she was kicked out by the staff. The reason? The athletic wear, the staff had explained. But not the design, or piece of clothing, or simply how she wore it – but her breasts.

She posted about her situation on Facebook, providing the demanding public with details.

“I was instructed by a supervisor at the club that my tank top was inappropriate dress and is offensive to both staff and other members,” she wrote. “I will start by saying my tank top was no different than many other women’s tank tops at the club, except my chest size is much larger in appearance in comparison to my frame than many of the other women.”

She was wearing leggings and a black racerback tank top while she was working out. The pictures show that she’s a blonde, tattoed girl, not much different than thousands of girls we see on the street, which doesn’t suggest that the rude staff was going to be right if she was different and had specific and unique features.

According to her, the only thing she did wrong was looking amazing and attractive with her breats.

However, she was really confused. She looked around and realize that everyone were wearing similar tops. Even on the official Movati Athletic Club’s website  there are pictures of women wearing the exact thing she had on.
But then, she assumed it wasn’t about the way she was dressed, it was about the size of her breasts.

A small sign in the gym states that “Members are required to wear modest athletic attire and appropriate shoes at all times.” Nothing on the website bans tank tops or anything like the pieces of clothing she had on.

She said that they look bigger only because she is of small frame, again nothing can be done about it.  “I felt humiliated. I was made to feel uncomfortable. I felt degraded,” she said.

Following, this is what the gym had stated after the post.

“While it may not have been intentional, [her] attire was not as modest as she has suggested via the images she shared recently on Facebook and through media interviews and caused multiple members to feel uncomfortable and voice their concerns to our staff.”

The gym did an “questionnaire ” by asking members who were exercising  that day what they thought about her appearance. They admitted it offended them.

“The Movati staff never indicated her outfit as inappropriate — it was the lack of treatment that was the problem as she exercised next to other members,” the company’s statement read. “While in no way did we mean to embarrass [her], we were concerned to protect the rest of the members in our gym.”



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