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She Paid £18,000 To Look Like Kim Kardashian



Kim Kardashian, is one of the most famous people in the world. She is very beautiful and also has a very well shaped body which everybody adores, and not to mention her big behind. Meet Claire Leesson, the 27-year-old surgically-assisted Kim’s doppelganger. She actually paid £18,000 to look like her.

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That is called money poorly spent. By having a resemblance to Kim, people always thought she is copying her look so she was ready to backfire. But now she is sick and tired of  looking like her.

Claire went on:

It’s ruining my life. People don’t understand that it’s not a compliment for me to be compared to Kim, it really upsets me.

It’s an odd assertion considering the pair don’t look that similar.


I will lead and proceed in order to exceed and succeed 👑

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To add insult to injury, Claire actually looks nothing like Kim in real life and you can notice that in the pictures too.

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