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8 Reasons Why You Should Put On Clean Pajamas As Often As Possible


How often do you slip into new pajamas? It seems like most people don’t do it nearly often enough.

According to the Daily Mail, men change their PJs every 13 days on average, while women incredibly do it every 17 days!

You would be surprised how quickly a pair of pajamas gets dirty. If you want perfect hygiene, the truth is you would need to change your night outfit every single day.

Plenty of people solve the problem by sleeping naked. While you might live in a place that’s too cold for that, or you just don’t have the means to wash your pajamas every day, that still doesn’t mean you should wait two weeks to get into a new pair.

Here are 8 reasons why you need to change your PJs as often as possible.

1. Staph Infections


Most people carry a small amount of staph bacteria on their skin. Staphylococcus is a common microbe that we pick up on our skin, in our noses, and in our mouths, usually without consequences.

However, if you wear the same clothes over and over again, staph bacteria will start to collect in its fabric, and thrive!

Eventually, these growing colonies could get inside the skin via cuts, ingrown hairs, or other breaks in the body’s natural defense system.

Washing and changing pajamas frequently help kill off staph, and reduce the chances of painful and uncomfortable infections.

2. Pimples And Cysts


When you don’t change your PJs often enough, all sorts of bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells start to build up in the fabric. In such a case all of that gunk is pressed right up against your pores during the night.

According to WebMD, this might lead to your pores getting blocked and infected, which in turn might lead to unsightly and painful pimples, even deep infected sebaceous cysts.

Pimples and cysts also make excellent entry points for other bacteria and viruses you might have on your skin.

3. Dust Mites


Dust mites are tiny, microscopic creatures that live in every home. They cannot be eradicated, but you should definitely do everything in your power to banish them from your bed and sleeping area.

Dust mites love dead skin, that’s why they’re attracted to your sleeping quarters; they will especially enjoy your jammies, because they are full of all the dead skin cells you shed while sleeping.

Dust mites can contribute to respiratory problems, especially while sleeping.

4. Odors


Dirty PJs tend to absorb sweat during the night, and bacteria that flourishes in moist, dark areas will start to grow and create foul odors.

If you shower at night and then climb into dirty pajamas, you’re undoing your work and giving bacteria a chance to re-colonize your body.

5. Not Feeling Fresh


Wearing dirty pajamas at night might make you feel grimy in the morning, particularly if you shower at night.

Waking up and immediately changing out of your nightclothes into your working gear can feel like tracking dirt into a clean house.

According to Good Housekeeping, that might happen because, during the night, you’re absorbing whatever is in your pajamas into your skin. If your nightwear is dirty, you’ll feel dirty, too.

6. Sleepless Nights


Sleeping in clean pajamas makes you feel refreshed, cozy, and ready to enter the realm of dreams immediately.

By contrast, sleeping in dirty PJs can keep you up at night, because you feel itchy or oily, or you are just not quite comfortable.

In addition, attracting dust mites during the night can impact your nighttime respiration. This might lead to snoring and other sleep interruptions.

7. Allergies


Sleeping in used pajamas dramatically increases the chance for allergies. If you’re allergic to dust, definitely change your sleeping outfits at least every other day.

Dust allergies, asthma, and other respiratory disorders are worse at night because it’s more difficult to breathe in a horizontal position.

Add the build-up of dust mites and dead skin cells into the mix, and you understand why chances of a bad allergic reaction or asthma attack go up.

8. More Bugs


When you wear dirty jammies, you are asking your immune system to fight off a constant onslaught of staph bacteria, upper respiratory complications, and pimple-causing germs or oils. All of those factors wear down your body’s defenses.

That means that you are more likely to get sick, so dirty PJs might play their part in seemingly unconnected issues such as stomach bugs or flu as well.


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