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According To Palmistry, Two Lines On Your Hands Can Tell You A Lot About Your Future Partner


Palmistry, also called chiromancy, is the foretelling of a person’s future through the study of their palms. The practice has existed since ancient times and exists in numerous different guises all around the world.

Often disputed as pseudoscience by the academic community, palm reading nevertheless remains a source of curiosity for numerous people who look to unlock the secrets of their lives through the interpretations by palm readers/chirologists.


Ellen Goldberg is an author, astrologist, palm analyst, tarot reader and therapist from New York City who shares her knowledge about palmistry in fascinating online tutorials. Describing herself as both a psychotherapist and a mystic, Goldberg combines the mystic sciences of palmistry, tarot and astrology with years of psychotherapy, meditation, psychic development and contemplation to “change your way of being with yourself and being in the world.”


According to Goldberg, the first major line on the palm is located right below the base of the fingers, as pictured in the image below.

This sharp line is known as the marriage line, and according to some interpretations, it is the easiest to read and interpret. Simply hold your hands together side by side like this and you won’t have to visit a chirologist to find out what your marriage line says about your future.



If your lines are mirroring one another, it suggests you are calm, gentle, and compassionate. You are relatively stable, and dislike being around abrupt and disruptive people. It is likely that you are going to marry someone your family and friends will get on with very well.

If the line on your right hand is located higher than the one your left hand, this means your wisdom belies your years, and you are often drawn towards older people. You don’t care much about what other people think about you, and you are very down to earth. Usually, you don’t mind breaking conventional norms and you are 70% more likely to marry/settle down with someone older than you than your peers.

If the line on your left hand is placed higher than the one on your right hand, this signifies that you are a strong, self-assertive person that enjoys ‘taking the bull by the horns’. You crave a deep and meaningful love and that’s one thing you wouldn’t compromise on. You attract good looking people and you might well end up with someone younger than you.


This is only one minuscule aspect of the intriguing practice of palmistry. Make sure to watch the video to meet Ellen Goldberg and find out about her unique approach to palm reading.


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