Pamela Anderson Had A Very Difficult Childhood, And We Bet You Didn't Even Know!

Pamela Anderson Had A Very Difficult Childhood, And We Bet You Didn’t Even Know!

Even though Pamela Anderson is known as one of the most prolific actresses known for her looks her life was not always easy and fun. In fact, her life wasn’t all that rosy.

She dealt with an alcoholic father and has been a victim of sexual abuse. Even when she became famous and a big name for us, she was still struggling with divorces, miscarriage, a stolen tape and battle with Hepatitis C.


She first found her 5 minutes of fame when she was featured as Playmate of the Month in 1990. Since then, she has started in some television roles as C. J. Parker, wearing the famous red swimsuit at Baywatch.

Here is everything you need to know about Pamela Anderson.

She is the survivor of several occasions of abuse

Anderson opened up about the lewd abuse she endured from the age 6-10 at the hands of a female babysitter. Then, at the age of 12 she was violated, assaulted by a 25-year-old man.

Since she didn’t tell her experienced to her family, she became very close with animals.

“I had a hard time trusting humans; I just wanted off this earth. My affinity with animals saved me – they came to me naturally.”


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The Pamela Anderson Foundation has a sad backstory

When the 50-year-old launched the Pamela Anderson Foundation she opened up more about the abuse she went through during her childhood. When she was only 15 years old, her boyfriend thought that it would be fun to gang-rape her with six of his friends.

She grew up in Comox, the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The small town she lived in was shocked after hearing about her numerous accounts of violent abuse leading her high school boyfriend to try and encourage her to tell the names of the boys saying:  “She has to say the truth, if she was raped then she needs to say the names, please tell us who did this to you.”


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Her father was an alcoholic while her mother worked two jobs

Even though she went through a lot on her childhood she was not comfortable to turn back to her parents since her home was also not a source of stability. Her father was an alcoholic while her mother worked two waitressing jobs.

“I didn’t always come home, leaving us in tremendous pain.”

Of her childhood, Anderson has said, “I did not have an easy childhood, despite loving parents. Sometimes when you smile, it’s not because you’re happy.” Anderson, quoting her mother, added, “It’s because you’re strong.”


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Her high school boyfriend was abusive and threw her out of a car

Her high school boyfriend was physically abusive to her. Anderson’s mother said: “Ty was awful, he threw her from a car, he was so abusive, it makes me wonder why she goes for these creeps.”

Her boyfriend owned up to throwing her out of a car while denies the other allegations. As he tells it:

“We did have a big fight in a car once and I kicked the door open to get her out and threw her out of the car. But she was giving as good as she got, we were beating on each other, we were right outside her house and the car wasn’t moving. She ran in shouting and screaming.”

The next day, her father pinned him to a wall and threatened him.


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She always knew she’d become a California beach bum

But, she never stopped dreaming. In her graduation questionnaire she wrote that her destiny was “California beachbum.”

About her weakness, she wrote: “Dark-tanned guys in Levi 501s (especially Ty)” which refers to her abusive high school boyfriend. Her boyfriend wrote that his weakness was “girls in skimpy bikinis,” so he probably enjoyed Baywatch. 


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She was discovered while in a crowd of a football game

She was finally discovered at the age of 22 while she was in a crowd at a football game. She featured on the Jumbotron wearing a Labatt’s Beer shirt. The story even claims that the crowd gave Anderson’s Jumbotron image a standing ovation.

The beer company went then to hire her. After this, she appeared on the cover of Playboy where she earned her fame.


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Dealing with dicey people

The model kept in touch with her high school boyfriends via letters. She felt lonely and went on to write.

“It’s tough starting a career isn’t it. You have to put up with a lot of sh*t you know you’re good. It just takes so damn long to make someone else believe you and then when they finally believe in you, they have their own hidden agenda. They just want to f*ck you. One way or another. There – words of wisdom from someone who thinks she knows! Well I’m alive.”


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She was famous from the day she was born

She was born at 4:08 am on July 1st, 1967. Since the 100th anniversary of Canada, she dubbed the “Centennial Baby.” Of the event, Anderson says, “That’s where it all started.”


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The casual bride who got married in a bikini

She married Kid Rock in a white string bikini while they celebrated on a yacht. Some say that the marriage was not legal however, leading her to file for divorce a year later.


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She married Rick Salomon twice!

She married Tommy Lee in 1995 divorcing in 1998 only to date him from 1999-2001 and from 2008-2010. She married Kid Rock in 2006 and they divorced in 2007.

But it’s not very shocking that she married a man twice. In 2007 she got married to Rick Salomon, a famous poker player. They annulled in 2008 and got married in 2014 again. This game didn’t last long until the couple divorced in 2015.


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She cured her hepatitis C

Life was not getting better for the model when she was contracted with Hepatitis C in 2002. According to her, the cause was sharing two tattoo needles with Tommy Lee. Since the Hepatitis C was not in her blood for six months, she managed to cure it after a lot of struggles in 2015.

With her health, Anderson said, “People have to understand that climate change is a real thing and it’s the most important thing. So I’m going to go nuts. I’m kicking it up a notch. That fact that I get more time on this Earth – I am going to be a great shepherd of the Earth.


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She wrote a letter to Obama about veganism and asking to legalize marijuana

She wrote a letter to Barack Obama in 2008 writing to promote veganism to end world hunger and that marijuana should be legalized. She even propose an extreme way to deal with pedophiles.

“Government must castrate every molester or potential molester, error on the safe side. If any child pornography is found in anyone’s possession or anyone creating such atrocities, or if any child is brave enough to come forward… they need to be taken very seriously and see that justice is served. The abuse is way worse than any trial could be. Our children need more protection and justice seen. It needs to be PREVENTED not just punished.”

She has also been a big voice of animal rights for decades.


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Her son is her stylist

Her son, Bruce Thomas Lee is her stylist who has been working in the fashion industry as a model. He explained:  “Sometimes she’ll have a stylist come over to the house, and right after they leave, I’m like, ‘You’re not wearing any of that!’”

He says that he is totally okay with her revealing stuff since the whole point is to be fashion-forward. According to him, Anderson definitely takes his advice even though she doesn’t admit it.


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The most downloaded person on the internet

She holds a Guinness Book of World Records title being the most downloaded person. And above all, Pamela Anderson has always been a positive voice even though the had a difficult childhood, a few divorces and battles with illness.


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