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Did Pamela Anderson Go Through A Make-Under?


Some people like heavy makeup more and so does Pamela Anderson, 49. The actress and model is known for her “glamorous” appearance, like fake tan, heavy eye makeup, false lashes and bright blonde hair.

At a recent event in Paris, she caught us all by surprise. Ms. Pamela Anderson went for a make-under and her new look is the “bomb”. Even her nails were painted beige. I mean, that’s like the most feeble color on the spectrum. Is it even a color? Her whole look was almost demure, quite demure. Consequently, beige is the new black!

Pamela Anderson at The Best Award Gala in Paris pic.twitter.com/cO0nQ8SLFQ

She first caught our eye way back in 1989, when she was on the cover of Playboy. Pamela was best known for her roles on television series like Home Improvement and then the almighty Baywatch. In addition to her work, her love life was well documented. She had a short-lived marriage to Tommy Lee, which later resulted in the leak of a sex tape. And with it a whole load more exposure.

Pamela Anderson got a major makeunder! https://t.co/TzbUa1NsPN pic.twitter.com/cBRNPHhyZg

Not only a pretty face, Anderson is an activist for the animal rights movement. She has conducted campaigns condemning the commercial fur industry and promoting veganism through the animal rights organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Now, she is the founder of the Pamela Anderson Foundation, an organization which supports protection of humans, animals and environmental rights.

Pamela Anderson

“By funding the efforts of those who inform and defend the planet and all who live within it, the Pamela Anderson Foundation is an agent of change and an advocate for justice.”

The model became vegetarian when she was a teen after seeing her dad cleaning an animal he hunted.

Even so she’s toned down her look a bit, but her impact is still wide reaching. What a lady!


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