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Pamela Anderson Will Open A Vegan Restaurant To Help Assange, Writes In Her Love Online Letter To Him


If you think that the idea of putting together Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange is silly, think twice. The 49-year-old Canadian-American actress has not only written a love letter to the Australian notorious founder of WikiLeaks, but she is also opening a vegan restaurant to help him. What a deed! The Baywatch star cares both about her vegan lifestyle and the idea to help 45-year-old Julian. The Australian computer programmer and founder of WikiLeaks, was granted asylum by Ecuador in August 2012. WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organisation that publishes secret information, and news leaks, provided by anonymous sources. Assange is currently enjoying the asylum of the Republic of Ecuador, having breached bail granted by the UK authorities on an application under a European Arrest Warrant to extradite him to Sweden.

Apparently, Pamela has written a strange online love letter to Julian Assange that calls on world leaders to help set the WikiLeaks founder free.

The letter was posted on her website and said that there was no need to keep the ‘sexy’ Assange ‘trapped in a small room’ as Sweden has dropped its charges against him.


Assange is currently at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. He went there because he feared that he would be extradited to Sweden to answer allegations of sexual assault which he denies.

In the letter Pamela wrote:

“No matter where I am, I can’t forget this man isolated in the Ecuadorian Embassy. A man risking so much with such little gratitude.

Thinking of Julian makes me wonder, what is the sexiest quality in a man? Surely the sexiest qualities in a man are bravery and courage. Sexiness in a man is showing strength. Having convictions and having the courage to stand by them.

Think of a man putting everything aside to stand up to bullies, to say enough is enough, to take a stand for justice and truth.”

The 49-year-old actress had previously met Assange at the embassy. In her letter, she defended him and called for his freedom.


Pamela has another thing on her mind, too! Her idea of opening a pop-up vegan restaurant in the South of France in July is for one mission. The mission is to talk to the great leaders and see what they can do for Assange. Le Table du Marcheé will be open for 50 nights only in Saint-Tropez beginning on July 4. The actress has a few guests in mind for the opening.

As her letter goes on, she mentions that she wants to meet with the new French president, Emmanuel Macron, and his wife Brigitte Trogneux.

“I am opening a new vegan restaurant in France in July, and I would like to extend my invitation to the new President and his First Lady. France could display its strength, and so could you, if you give Julian asylum.”

Julian’s relationship with Anderson was a matter of great speculation. Pamela has visited him multiple times and has also written extensively about him on her site.

Pamela ended the letter with the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley for Julian. Then, she signed off with: ‘I love you, Pamela.’ And we can’t wait to see the culmination of her plans.


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