This Artist Creates Delicate Pieces Out Of Paper And They’re Amazing


If you are in Ahmedabad, in Western India which is the largest city in the stare of Gujarat, you just can’t ignore the unique store called PaperCut by Parth Kothekar. The store is run by the 25-year-old Parth, and there he hand-crafts every single piece inspired by the everyday life. It was during his experiments with graffiti stencils when the idea of papercuts came to his mind. However, this hobby made him feel closer to his work.

Source: Facebook | Papercut By Parth Kothekar

The artist creates these excellent and delicate little silhouettes made out of paper using only paper, pencil and a paper cutting knife.

“I felt the “life” in them. Initially I did this only as a hobby, but the inspiration from my close friends made me consider this as a profession,” Parth says.

He then added: “My artworks are based on everyday aspects of life. If it is challenging, it motivates me. The thing with papercuts is that one doesn’t know the final output until the end. I have an assumption of what it might look and that is what I work with. It is the curiosity of finding out if I have got it that keeps me going.”

After Parth dropped out of an animation course, he was exploring other forms of art.

“When I did my first graffiti art on the wall of a friend’s house, the idea of doing papercut hit my mind. That time, I had no clue what to call it, it was all misty, but when I tried it with sunglasses and paper creating a glass cleaner miniature, I realized that if I inward the stencil it can turnout into a different form and will be something unique.”

Can you believe this?

Look how thin those lines are, I can’t even imagine the skill and talent that went into each one.

Source: Facebook | Papercut By Parth Kothekar

These feathers are perfect.

I love how dainty and small they are, too.

Source: Facebook | Papercut By Parth Kothekar

The detail in this dress!

Breathtaking, right?

Source: Facebook | Papercut By Parth Kothekar

This actually looks 3D!

It is blowing my mind.

Source: Facebook | Papercut By Parth Kothekar

The flowers in her hair are so lovely.

What did you think of these? Amazing right!


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Source: Facebook | Papercut By Parth Kothekar
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