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24 Genius Parents Who Used Baby Carriers To Make Practical Halloween Costumes


If you have a little baby or a hyper toddler at home, you probably haven’t even started thinking about Halloween costumes. It can get chaotic, I know, but why not make this Halloween practical with some easy costumes that don’t really require a lot of effort? Just think about your baby’s carrier and try to involve it in the costume. It is both easy and plus your toddler will be safely put in their comfort zone. Here are the most hilarious ideas.

1. Your kids will love this military airplane

Can it get cooler than this? It doesn’t require the parents to constantly have to hold their kids either!


2. Snuggling and going to a Halloween party at the same time!

And also, sushi is the best!


3. The Hangover costume

It is Zach Galifianakis’ character holding onto baby Tyler. Creative and fun to start with!


4. Fairytale kisses

This one is so brilliant. It merges a fairy tale and a baby stroller and it doesn’t require effort at all!


5. Cabbage Patch Kid

Cutest of them all! Mommy needs to be around, because someone might buy that pretty doll!


6. Mouse in a mousetrap

Ignorance is bliss! He is so happy about it!


7. Rapunzel and the tower

She is sure comfy, but what about this dad?


8.  Khaleesi and her dragon

Who says only women can be Khaleesi? Dad can rock the costume, too!


9. Cinderella and her fairy godmother

Just look at the way Cinderella stares at her fairy godmother in adoration! Disney fans will love this one!


10. Potential candidates

Aren’t these cute? They look so happy being politicians.


11. Dumb and Dumber

But these look beyond charming! How about their lollipops?


12. Batman and Robin

When Batman ends up being Robin’s sidekick since Robin is 6 months old. Batman doesn’t mind carrying the load for now actually. As long as they are on their carrier!


13. Bagpipe

Embracing your culture and heritage is never dull.


14. Kane and the alien

This dad looks beyond proud! The baby, on the other hand, doesn’t look too satisfied.


15. Gambler

He is too young, but who cares?


16. Cutest alien

This makes for a perfect family costume.


17. Marty McFly and the Delorean

This one is so creative! He looks very happy to be going back to the future.


18. Luke Skywalker carrying Yoda while dad plays Princess Leia

It’s a totally different perspective on the movie!


19. Nemo

He looks a bit agitated in his makeshift tank. Poor Nemo is sad!


20. The Princess Bride – Dread Pirate Roberts, Princess Buttercup and the ROUS (Rodent Of Unusual Size.)

It is really unique and not a common family costume.


21. Ariel

She will melt million hears! Adorable!


22. Where The Wild Things Are

This one worked out too well. They seem to be enjoying themselves.


23. Partners in crime

These matching outfits are the best of the best!


24. Pirates of the Caribbean

It seems like the treasure wants out of that chest ASAP, but it makes for an interesting costume, anyway.


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