After The Divorce Dad Stops Talking To Them, When Brother Sees Her Sister In A Dress He Is Stunned


When parents decide to get a divorce, their children are the ones who experience it the worst. They are used to being a family and it’s a hard to keep up with the drastic changes. This happened to Mohammad and Noor Harsher when their parents divorced in November last year.

Even though they knew they were going to spend less time together, they didn’t expect that their dad would stop speaking to them. For the past three months, they haven’t heard a word from him.

The 17-year-old had to be the father figure for his 6-year-old sister.

Being very close to his little sister, he found out that there was going to be a father-daughter dance at her school. When she woke up in the morning, Mohammad saw her sister in a dress instead of her pajamas.

When he asked her why she said that she was wearing it to school even though she didn’t get to dance with her father. Then, her big brother decided to take her to the dance. The two went shopping and got Noor’s hair done for the special event.

Mohammad may not be Noor’s father, but he’s the most caring big brother!


Source:Twitter / Mohammad Hasher

The divorce was hard on the teen but especially for his younger sister.


Source:Twitter / Mohammad Hasher

Mohammed was stunned after he saw her sister in a dress instead of her pajamas.


Source:Twitter / Mohammad Hasher

There was a father-daughter dance at school.


Source:Twitter / Mohammad Hasher

Her brother took her shopping for a new outfit and then took her to the dance where they had so much fun together.


Source:Twitter / Mohammad Hasher

“It filled my heart with happiness seeing her dance with so much joy and have fun with all of her friends,” he adds.


Source:Twitter / Mohammad Hasher

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