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10 Parents Who Have An Excellent Sense Of Humor

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It’s a tough job to be a parent, and I’m sure parents reading this will probably agree. Raising a child is serious business, it requires some serious dedication and some serious time spent to make sure that the child grows up to be a nice, careful and responsible adult.

Even though raising a child is no laughing matter, that doesn’t mean the parents are not allowed to have fun. In fact, parents that have a good sense of humor can use it to their advantage and hone their kids’ sense of humor as well, and besides, what’s a parent without making their children smile and laugh?

So, with that in mind, here are some parents with an excellent sense of humor.

1. When I asked for a selfie, I didn’t mean that…

10 Parents Who Have An Excellent Sense Of Humor 1

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2. Err… close enough

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3. “We love our children equally!”

You sure you don’t love Rosie more?


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4. Dads tried to copy their daughters’ photo, with a fair bit of success



5. The dog takes center stage here

Apparently, the dude moved out to live with his girlfriend and the parents took that a bit seriously.


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6. The first few days after getting his license, you need to take some protective measures

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7. Poor kid


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8. Dad told his son to move the dog into his room while he’s in college and sent him this pic



9. He knows she’ll mess up



10. These parents pranked their kid for Christmas


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