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Bride And Groom’s Parents Invited By The Priest To Renew Their Wedding Vows


Father Jim Hushek’s self-professed goal is to bring a Catholic Priestly Presence with no rules, regulations or restrictions as well as no official validation by the Church. And for Drew and Gina’s wedding ceremony back in November 2010, he allowed something that although unusual, is sure to remain with everyone present forever.

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The bride and groom’s firm belief that it was their parents’ love which was the basis for their own. This led them to consider doing something special for their role models.

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And just before Drew and Gina solidified their nuptials, Father Hushek asked the husband-and-wife-to-be to step to the side and called the parents to the fore. He spoke about lasting love. He found out that at that moment Drew’s parents had been together 34 years and Gina’s parents were in their 38th year of marriage. Father Jim went on to say that it was the parents who place the cornerstones that then allow children to make such strong commitments about lasting love.

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He invited both sets of parents to the isle to renew their wedding vows before their children’s wedding would go on. Father Jim Hushek said that he had never seen anything like it in his decade-long experience officiating weddings, but the minute he heard Drew and Gina’s idea he thought it “wonderful”.

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It was the perfect personal touch to the beautiful vintage-inspired ceremony in picturesque Scottsdale, Arizona, and Drew and Gina’s favorite wedding moment.

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Source:Legacy High Definition Videography, littlethings

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