Parents And Kids: Meet The Gardner Quad Squad

Parents And Kids: Meet The Gardner Quad Squad


Imagine the surprise these parents must have felt when they received the news of them expecting a quadruplets after an 8-year battle with infertility!

Utah couple Ahsley and Tyson Gardner were not able to conceive for 8 years. They were happy to have had the chance to undergo an IVF procedure. Two eggs were placed in the mother’s uterus.

By a funny twist of events, both of those eggs split and they ended up expecting quadruplets.

Former reality star, 29-year old Ashley was bewildered to find out that she is carrying four kids! The chances of having that happen is 1 in 70 million!

What’s funny is that she became even more famous subsequently, after a photo of her finding out during ultrasound went viral.

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Fast forward nine months later, they had the pleasure to meet their daughters. They are two sets of identical twins: Esme and Indie and Scarlett and Evie.

parents 2Following their birth, the parents understood the importance and grace of God to have given them not one, but four kids, do they decided to commemorate their lives hosting a Facebook page.

It revolves around their everyday activities as a family.


“It’s been so amazing to watch their personalities develop,” Tyson told PEOPLE magazine. “Not a day goes by that we’re not grateful. This is what we waited for after trying to have a baby for more than eight years.”
On a more important note, following their first birthday on December 28, 2015, they made their acting debut on The Rattled show on TLC.

The episode featuring the Gardner Quad Squad was shown at February 2, 2016. Another one showing the birth and the days after followed. Since then, the quadruplets and their parents have appeared on numerous TVs and talk shows!


If you want to keep up with these little rascals on a daily basis, go over to the page that’s ran by their parents personally!


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