Parents Of A Premature Baby Have Their Lives Changed When...

Parents Of A Premature Born Baby Have Their Lives Changed By A Surprise


The Surprise Squad strikes one more time as they enable the Lopez family to be every day on time to see their baby son in the hospital with a brand new car!

Brianna and Robert had their baby four months early. Due to the premature birth, their beautiful baby boy’s kidneys shut down and suffered brain damage. The parents were devastated with pain.

As if it weren’t bad enough that their little baby was sick, somewhere along the way their car broke down too, so they had to commute every day with a friend.

Their friend Jody is the one to give them rides to the hospital so they can see their newborn son.

Now watch this.

Surprise Squad Cassandra Jones is riding sitting in the passenger’s seat and she is introducing herself as Sarah. She is on an undercover mission to find out something more about the parents as they all ride along to the hospital. There are cameras all over the car. So we are able to witness their story as well.

baby 1

Brianna told Cassandra Jones that she actually started having contractions at only 5 months in her pregnancy and the doctors had to deliver the baby immediately.

The baby was born with 2lbs, but suddenly dropped in weight and that’s when the problems for this couple started.

baby 2

The kidneys of the baby suddenly shut down. Consequently, the brain damage happened. The doctors still insisted that there is hope that the situation can turn for the better.

Since then on, Brianna and Robert cling to that glimmer of hope and visit his son every day in the hospital.

The parents are dropped off at the entrance at the hospital. They step out of the car and they all greet each other goodbye. As they enter the hospital, Cassandra Jones starts hollering for them to come back.

“Wait, you guys! Wait, wait, wait….!” she starts running towards them. They are practically standing in the lobby of the hospital.

“I’m not Sarah…”

As she introduces herself, suddenly there are cameras all over the place. The parents have no idea what is about to happen.

“I am actually Cassandra Jones with the Fox 5 Surprise Squad and we are all very touch by your story.”

The parents start crying.

“We know you guys have been through a lot and we have something for you.”

Cassandra hands them a little red box which has something in it. Then she takes them out in front of the hospital.

“Follow me!”

Next shot, we see a brand new car with a red ribbon pull in front of the main entrance.

“Lopez family, this is your new car.”

baby 3

The parents are visibly touched.

Don Forman, owner of United Nissan was there to greet the parents as well. United Nissan is the company that unselfishly helped to ease this young couple’s unfortunate circumstances.

“Just to have people who support us, you know who care this much…It really means the world to us” said Robert Lopez.

baby 4

See the video below for an exclusive, post-hospital interview of the family all together.


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