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When Twin Daughter Goes To Eat Breakfast, Parents Don’t Have A Clue It’s The Twin That Moved To Another Country


We love surprises, so the looks on Steve and Susie’s faces were so worth the 20 hours flight home for Kelly Hardwick. On her parents 40th wedding anniversary, she wanted to be there to celebrate with the family. In the video you can see the family in the morning getting ready for breakfast. The only person missing was Kelly who had moved away to Singapore from Newton, Illinois. Or was she? When the twins began planning this surprise visit, they didn’t know it would be one of the best surprises ever.


Kelly and Karrie had planned everything out without Steve and Susie knowing, so when Kelly walks into mom’s kitchen in the morning, she doesn’t even give a look at her. She thought that she was talking to Karrie and what’s hilarious is that Kelly walked right past dad as she spoke to him, but he didn’t think twice about it either. They had no idea this was the twin who had been living on the other side of the world.


When Karrie walks into the room too, the parents pause, before realising both their daughters are home and so hugs and laugter inevitably ensue. This is a really cute moment and surprize for the family, who can now clelebrate the anniversary all together after they enjoy a delicious breakfast of bacon that mom’s been cooking!

Watch the video to see the surprize unravel.

Source: kelly Hardwick , sharetap

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