Expecting Parents Surprised At Gender Reveal Party

Expecting Parents Surprised At Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party

How can someone be messing with expecting parents, they’re edgy! Well at least it sure seemed like it when these two threw a gender reveal party to discover their baby’s gender to their friends. They invited over 30 friends to witness the unleashing of the balloons which contained the well-kept secret of their baby’s gender. The party was thrown in their backyard. Boy, they were in for quite a surprise!

What happened?

Joe and Leela Krummel decided that they don’t want to know their baby’s gender back at the gynecologist’s practice, but instead took the doctor’s card and sent it to the store party staff who assured them they’ll make the party perfect.

The box is set between the parents. The mother is ecstatic. Her hands are on the box as if she is going to rip it apart any minute now! The father seems more composed. At the mark of three, they open the box together to reveal multicolored balloons coming out of it!

Gender Reveal Party 1

Mom’s face is in sheer shock. She cringes and is just about to cry. The father is visibly disturbed but tries to keep it cool. He looks at the bottom of the box to at least find the baby card and see the gender of the baby himself. “They didn’t even put the card back in. We don’t even know!”-says the father with a smirk on his face.

Gender Reveal Party 2

You can hear giggles from behind the camera where their friends are.

Was the party store playing a joke on them? Were they that incompetent as to ruin one of the most important moments for the expecting parents?

In a fast forward edited moment, you see the parents opening up a new box to reveal blue balloons.

Gender Reveal Party 3

The answer to all the confusion seems to lie in one of the comments in the video comment section.

“Did they mix up though? or did the balloon shop teach a valuable lesson of celebrating all genders of the rainbow and not assign binaries before someone gets born………?”-says user  Janeva F.

The debate on sexuality and gender spectrum has been going on for quite a while now and it seems to have taken a lot of stride.

The main idea is overthrowing the existing gender binarism in society and to enable the individual to decide whether they feel the opposite gender of their sex.

It seems like the store wanted to teach the expecting parents a valuable lesson that the parents were not ready for.

Source:Caters Clips, littlethings

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