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Short Film About Anti-Racism Is Blowing Everyone Away


Behind every short film, is a powerful message, sometimes it is obvious and sometimes you have to think deeper. But, this one leaves no lingering questions.

When a family arrives at the doctor’s office they are pretty nervous because their daughter is having a bone marrow transplant. This is not an easy operation to go through. While the family is waiting outside, they notice a dark-skinned man sitting near them and waiting too.

But, instead of sitting there with him, the family chooses to move away. Judging him, the father even stands so his wife and daughter can completely ignore him. Being in this situation, the man doesn’t say anything.

You can see them clearly staying away from him. When the nurse comes, the asks all of them to come to the doctor’s office. The doctor reveals a stunning revelation and you can see how shocked the family is.

Take a look at the short film below and enjoy!

Source:nancyspe81, shareably

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