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These Parents Have The Most Unique Twins




Earlier this year, Hannah Yarker gave birth to two beautiful twin girls, and everything seemed normal. Myla and Anaya tend to turn every head while in public for their adorable smiles. Hannah and her husband were pretty happy and celebrating the first days with their twins, but little did they know a miracle was about to be revealed. After two weeks, the parents noticed something strange. Myla’s skin color was changing.

The skin started to darken enough to be noticeable to the parents. Soon, it became apparent that an extraordinary anomaly occurred with the twins. While Anaya had light skin and blue eyes, Myla gradually developed darker skin and beautiful, dark brown eyes.


Source:Facebook via Hannah Yarker

Although this is a very rare case, scientists say that having mixed twins is not very unusual. When parents are multiracial, in this case Hannah is Causcasian and dad Kyle is of mixed descent. Anaya took on mom’s fair features while Myla has inherited dad’s dark skin, hair, and eyes.


Look how adorable they look now.


Often, strangers ask questions like:“Are they sisters?” “Are they even related?” or “Are they both yours?”

The parents are never annoyed, but they answer these questions very easily. Undoubtedly, Hannah and Kyle feel extremely blessed by their two healthy, lovely, and perfectly unique twins!

Source:Facebook via Hannah Yarker, tiphero

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