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Paris Jackson Worried That Brother Blanket Is Living On His Own


All pop music fans were extremely upset when in 2009, the self-titled King of Pop, Michael Jackson tragically died at the age of 50. Even though he’s been dead for almost 8 years now, he will still be remembered as one of, if not the best pop star of all time, and an inspiration for many famous pop stars of today.

Now, Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris is concerned that her little brother Blanket (we… don’t know why his name is that either) is essentially on his own without the fatherly figure of Michael taking care of him.

The 19-year-old is apparently especially upset with aunt Rebbie, who has been lording over her grandmother Katherine, keeping her away from Jackson’s children. Paris loves her grandma and says that Rebbie along with other members of the family is putting up a wall for the Jackson matriarch.

The 15-year-old, whose real name is Prince Michael II, is basically living on his own in Katherine’s home in Calabasas. Meanwhile, she hasn’t been back home since January 2017, as she stayed in London for two months and returned to L.A. to stay at Rebbie’s.

Legal guardian TJ Jackson and his wife Frances split and one of them promised to stay at home and take care of Prince, but Paris thinks that this isn’t good enough, and is concerned about Blanket not seeing his close family members for an extended period of time.

Apparently, Katherine hasn’t spoken to Paris, Prince, TJ or Blanket since her stay in London, for medical treatment, and she blames some of the aunts for losing contact.

Paris even went as far to believe that some of her family is controlling the 86-year-old grandmother for financial motives. The good news is, Blanket is getting very good grades at school and he’s gone from highly introverted to extremely social.

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