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Paris Jackson Has Michael’s Singing Voice


The multi-talented Paris Jackson continues to honor her late father, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in so many ways. The 19-year-old is determined to carry on her father’s legacy, which is evident in her “Applehead” tattoos, a term which Michael was known for using with his loved ones, and her friendship with godfather Macaulay Culkin among other things. Paris and her piercing eyes were recently on the cover of Vogue Australia, and she looked nothing short of amazing. She even said she had a soft spot for Australia only because her parents (Michael and biological mother Debbie Rowe) got  married in the land down under.

However, the mesmerizing Paris isn’t short on talent as well. In fact, the girl seems to have inherited the godly voice of the one and only Michael, as we could learn from a recent video on Instagram.


Over the weekend, Paris took the stage together with her cousin, Austin Brown (Rebbie Jackson’s son), at Soho House in West Hollywood, as he performed his new song Smile. Austin was playing the guitar while Paris sang the lyrics with him, and her tone was eerily similar to Michael’s. She really is her father’s daughter, at least when it comes to singing.

To summarize, earlier in the year Paris starred in a music video and made her modeling debut, and now she’s impressed us with her singing voice. Knowing her father, though, it’s probably not that much of a surprise the girl can do it all.

Image Source: Getty / Michael Stewart

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