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Pastry Chef Made A Millennial Pink Cake Using A Graphical Algorithm Editor

Pastry Chef Made A Millennial Pink Cake Using A Graphical Algorithm Editor

In today’s world, computers and machines are taking over books and, even people, sometimes. It also seems like they are the ones who will also bring cakes into being. How come? Pastry chef Dinara Kasko, based in Ukraine, baked a cake in incredible sculptural shapes, using recipes with an algorithm in her latest project. Seems incredible? Looks even more incredible to look at. Her dessert is not only delicious, but aesthetically pleasing too! Take a look at this stunning creation in the gallery brought to us by BoredPanda.

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Just earlier this year, the Swiss chocolate company Barry Callebaut debuted the naturally pink chocolate called ‘Ruby’.


This new addition is made with ruby cocoa beans, and has a both fruity and sour taste.


The company wanted Kasko to be the one to bake something special for the debut program. This happened in Shanghai in September this year. And they chose the right person!

Inspired by the works of artist and engineer Matthew Shlian, Kasko designed a dessert made out of 81 uniquely-shaped cakes layered with meringue, ganache, berry confit, a crunchy biscuit, and covered with deliciously pink Ruby chocolate. She made this cake to in order to present the new berry chocolate flavor, Ruby.  Using a graphical algorithm editor called Grasshopper, she programmed her computer to make 81 small molds for the cake. These would later be assembled into one giant geometric dessert. Wait until you see it!

‘The idea was to create a set of elements (cakes) that together would form a single composition,’ she wrote on her website. ‘As a result, we got [an] algorithmically modeled cake that consisted of 81 individual cakes, every single was unique in shape.’

Then, she covered each piece in Ruby chocolate, hardened it, and popped it out to be ready for the presentation in China.

Chief Executive Officer Antoine de Saint-Affrique told Bloomberg when he chocolate debited in September: ‘It’s natural, it’s colorful, it’s hedonistic, there’s an indulgence aspect to it, but it keeps the authenticity of chocolate. It has a nice balance that speaks a lot to millennials.’ Want to know more about the chocolate? The ruby cocoa beans come from Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Brazil and are naturally reddish, without dye. Pastry chef Kasko was one of the very first to try this creation and use it in her cake creation.

‘I was honored to be one of the first who could try the new pink chocolate,’ she wrote on Instagram.

Take a look at the whole process below:

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