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Police Are Called After An Altercation Between Paula Patton And Robin Thicke

Paula Patton And Robin Thicke
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There has been a new installment in the drama between actress Paula Patton and musician Robin Thicke. Reports surfaced on Saturday, the 18th of February that police had to intervene when the songwriter violated a restraining order.

The couple were divorced in 2015. Since then they have been at war since the beginning of the year over parenting and legal issues. After the 41-year-old actress secured sole legal and physical custody of their son, Thicke was limited to three supervised visits a week at a neutral location.

In addition, according to a restraining order granted in January, Thicke must stay at least 100 yards away from his son and his ex-wife, aside from supervised visitations in a neutral place.

And it seems that the latest interaction between the couple and their 6-year-old son Julian did not go quite as planned.

Thicke, 39, arrived at a park in Malibu, California to pick up his son. “Every week, they do the drop off at the same park after Julian gets off from school. Robin waits in his car and Paula comes and gives Julian to the monitor,” an insider told PEOPLE.

A source close to Thicke claims Patton arrived an hour late to the location and refused to send her son off with the court-appointed monitor.

“He was not in violation of the restraining order,” the source continues. “Robin never left his designated spot while waiting for Julian. He’s followed the same protocol they follow every single week, and that time and location and protocol was agreed to by both parties.”

“Robin has tour dates this weekend, so this was his only day with Julian,” the source says. “It was very important to him and she knew this was his only day with Julian.”

According to the insider close to Thicke, it was Patton’s housekeeper who called the police, but when officials arrived Patton had already left.

The source claims Patton “was on time” on the drop off and that there was no incident.

Restraining Order

The restraining order was granted after Patton accused Thicke of punching and kicking her as well as cheating on her during their marriage. The actress also accused her ex-husband of recently standing outside her mother’s home for two hours demanding to see Julian.

Thicke’s lawyer Angela Pierce di Donato has denied the accusations. “Paula never reported any domestic violence until she was in a position of contempt by violating the custody orders,” the attorney told PEOPLE. “Infidelity has nothing to do with custody. She is attempting to throw anything at him to hurt him, but Robin’s focus is their son.”

“The Court issued temporary orders today based solely on paperwork,” Pierce di Donato continued. “L.A.’s Department of Children & Family Services will be closing the physical abuse allegation against Robin as ‘Unfounded.’ They have now added an emotional abuse allegation against Paula, which remains under investigation. We believe that DCFS sees the damage that Paula has done to Julian and will take appropriate action to protect him.”


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