Fifty Years Later, The Rumor of Paul McCartney's Death Won't Die Down

Fifty Years Later, The Rumor of Paul McCartney’s Death Won’t Die Down


Everywhere we turn today, there seem to be more and more conspiracy theories just popping up. Some of them may seem believable, some of them insane, but almost none have reached the level of ‘Paul is dead’.

The urban legend first found its beginnings back in September 1969. A group of students started publising articles on the idea that Paul McCartney is actually dead. Proof of the claim, according to them, can be found in hidden in the artwork and lyrics from Beatles’ recordings. It wasn’t long before a tremendous uproar  brought international prominence to the idea.

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According to the rumors, the Beatles singer and instrumentalist died back in January 1967, during a traffic accident. The rumors increased even further when it became public that the band was disbanding, and their public appearances became fewer and fewer. IT wasn’t long before different radio stations from both sides of the Atlantic received calls and had discussion concerning the legitimacy of the rumor. The most convincing evidence came with the idea of a cover-up in order to prevent the possibility of large number of suicide from female fans.

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The theory died down after an official statement from the Beatles’ press office. And soon enough, it completely lost its momentum after a new interview with the musician. The interview, published in Life magazine, specifically refereed to the rumors. The rumors increased further because of his desire for greater privacy, according to Paul.

It has now been almost fifty years, and some people believe that the clues are just to many to be ignored. A new mockumentary on the subject was released in 2010, titled Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament. The movie features an unconfirmed first person account from George Harrison claiming that the rumor is true. But still, many choose to believe the movie points to evidence of the secret messages, songs backmasking and even points out to visible differences in Paul’s appearance.

The truth of the matter is, there’s no actual way of knowing the legitimacy of a rumor this well developed.

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