Paul Walker Sees Military Couple Admiring Wedding Ring They Can’t Afford, Secretly Buys It For Them


It has been 3 years since our favorite actor of all time, passed away. Of course we are talking about Paul Walker. He was made famous by his role in the “Fast and Furious” movies. Even though with all the fame he had, he was still close to common people.

While his life may have ended the stories about him have not, once, he bought a couple their $9,000 engagement ring. Wow!


The story took place in a Santa Barbara  jewelry store back in 2004. The famous celebrity was there, when Soldier Kyle Upham and his wife Kristen were looking for wedding rings. They didn’t even notice the star beside them.


They had a conversation with the “stranger” where they soon realised it was Paul Walker.  Kyle revealed to him that he just got back from Iraq, and this information seemed to move Walker. “When he found out Kyle just came back from Iraq– I remember seeing the look in his face. He kind of transformed.” said, Kristen.


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