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The Peculiar Royal Family Rules Meghan Markle Will Need To Follow If She Becomes A Princess


Her boyfriend might be currently fifth in the line for succession to the throne, but if she ever marries Prince Harry, Meghan Markle will still have to abide by numerous peculiar rules the royal family still strictly follows. You would be excused to think these are matters on which the future of the world, or at least Britain depends, but they are much more banal, therefore bizarre.

And with media reports about the couple being as happy and as close as ever, many wonder how would a Hollywood actress cope with what to outsiders seems like a very unusual set of regulations, to put it mildly.


The news that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are dating was first reported in October 2016. Soon after, sources close to the couple revealed that “Harry is happier than he’s been for many years”. Both have met each other’s parents, holidayed together and speculation about marriage intensifies by the day. According to E! News, Harry secretly flew out to Toronto for Easter, where Meghan lives and films Suits.


One no-go for the royal family is shellfish. It has been reported members of the family are discouraged from consuming shellfish to reduce the risk of food poisoning or possible allergic reactions which may prevent them from appearing in public.

According to popular rumor, Prince Charles has been known to break the rule in the past and has a real affinity for this type of seafood, while some claim Queen Elizabeth II, on the contrary, has never touched shellfish in her life.


It has been rumored the royals resemble many ‘ordinary’ families in one tradition: sitting down for a friendly board game on Christmas Day. However, insider reports claim one game that’s literally off the table is Monopoly. Why you wonder? Reportedly, the game is considered too aggressive and undignified for royal family members.


A more official rule that has to be observed at all times is a strict order in which members of the family must stand, sit and walk. Basically, whoever is next in line to ascend the throne sits the closest to the Queen. This means that if Meghan decided to tie the knot with Harry, there would be Phillip, Charles and Camilla and William and Kate sitting between the newlyweds and the Queen.


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